You will receive comprehensive support during and after the course:

HR Class

HR Class is a practical workshop where we go through the whole recruitment process and prepare you for it! You will learn specific tips on how to create your first resume dedicated to the IT industry, where to look for a job, and how to success during an interview.

IT Related Materials

You will receive the Graduate Success Book from us. It will introduce you to the IT market, explain how to get your dream job and what recruiters ask. We will stay in touch with you and share content created exclusively for our students and graduates.

IT Interview

It is very important to prepare properly to your first IT interview - both in terms of technical questions and soft skills. You will have an individual simulation of such a meeting with our trainer. We will prepare you for the process and make it less stressful.

Support from Graduate Success Manager

Career Adviser can help and advise you about the IT industry, no matter where you at. Does your LinkedIn and resume need refinement? Let us know. We will surprise you :)


Book a seat at one of our free Info Meeting in your city! Be there and get handfull of information and a participant's offer ;)

Our graduates work at: