Do you know how to choose the right method to improve the development of your team? We do!

The shortage of appropriate IT staff stops you from developing your business? Do you feel that you could expand your company, but you still lack programmers? Or maybe you are responsible for introducing new technologies and looking for people who will assist you in this process? If you answered positively to at least one of the above questions it means that you are in the right place to find out how to improve your business and transform your misfortune into a great success.


Upgrade your business, which means, invest in the IT!

We have been cooperating with companies since the very beginning of our activity on the market. As an SDA we have already successfully implemented over 200 training and recruitment projects with a variety of business partners from Poland and abroad. The spectrum of our activities focuses on improving qualifications, retraining, acquiring the best talent and providing ready-made employees, who are trained and accustomed. Within the framework of our projects dedicated to companies only, we can proudly say that we recruited 45 programmers for Sapiens and over 70 for Nordea, which is just the tip of the iceberg!

Let's meet and discuss the requirements of your business!

At SDA, we take care of the whole process:


we set the targets and assumptions of a specific project,


we promote and advertise the project all over the Internet,


we organize an information meeting for the applicants,


WE'RE RECRUITING! During one project we can collect even a few hundred high-quality applications

Our 2 easy step to your development!


due to our extensive network of recruiters, a large number of ongoing courses and a thriving modern marketing department we can collect even dozens of applications for the single position in a particular project.


we select the best applicants from the collected applications and start a course after which your company will gain a certain number of people ready to work.

Support your employees in achieving the highest levels of performance

The programming course is also a great solution for employees who have been working in your company for a long time. In cooperation with SDA, you will improve the qualifications of IT employees, but also you will retrain employees who need new challenges, yet do not want to change their employer. You will provide your company with a steady supply of high-quality programmers and prevent the outflow of top-quality employees. The programming course offers employees a real opportunity to increase their earnings, in a form of recognition and appreciation of the particular employee, additionally prevents professional burnout of loyal and valuable people.

2 steps to your business improvement!


transform average team members with unexploited potential into aspiring top leaders in their field through meticulous, practical and customized training programs.


optimize the talents you have - retrain valuable and talented people for the right skills, instead of wasting time and resources recruiting new staff.

By working with SDA, you delegate tasks to specialists with a proven and effective procedure, strategy and method of operation. At the same time, you retain the possibility to customize the process and have full control over its progress.


So, make these few small steps and,

enhance your team through intensive training, evaluation and the supply of top-quality IT specialists,

man critical job positions quicker, reducing recruitment expenses,

reduce losses through an effective recruitment and implementation program.

Don’t wait any longer! Contact us! Together we will discuss solutions that will improve your company and transform your business into a success.

We cannot forget to mention that our team is made up of people with passion, who with pleasure and commitment share their knowledge. Our trainers are people who work in the industry and know perfectly well both the training issues and topics covered by it as well as the specificity of this market. Thanks to them, your employees will not only develop new skills but also get deeper into the subject and will strive for continuous development and broadening their knowledge. Increase your employees’ passion for working in the IT industry.



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