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2022.11.27 23:59:59

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Black Week at the Software Development Academy

From now on, re-branding into IT can be even easier! On the occasion of this year’s Black Week, we have prepared a unique opportunity for you on the market – during this period you will buy a programming course cheaper and get a second one for free. Do you still have any doubts? Let us dispel them.

Do you have doubts whether the IT industry is for you?

Starting a new career path comes with many doubts. We know and understand them! If you’re wondering whether you’ll find yourself in programming but are considering other options, then this is the option for you. If you feel that you would rather try your hand at another field, then you can start a second course.

Don’t stop in your development

Life in IT doesn’t end with coding. It’s worth learning new things! In technology industries, you don’t stand still and employers value all-round experience. Learn the ins and outs of programming, gain competence from a second course and enjoy even more success in the job market.

Be part of the change that will happen anyway

A job in IT is followed by a number of advantages and facilities. It is not only a high salary, but also a stable profession where you can count on modern benefits or 100% remote working. It is the industry of the future, where the majority will be working in the future. You can do it now.

Take on a challenge that will pay off for a lifetime

Don’t give in to the November shopping frenzy, for Black Week invest in something that won’t collect dust in your flat. After all, why do you need that discounted fridge or hoover?

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    Between 10 November and the end of 27 November, sign up for a course covering one of the following technologies: Java, Python, Cybersecurity, Data Science and Frontend in the “Careers in IT” or “Careers in IT PRO” or “Job Guarantee” package.

  2. Take advantage of the promotion and get the UX/UI Designer or Software Tester course for free!

    All courses during the above-mentioned period are subject to a discount of 40% on the standard price of the training service. With the purchase of programming courses, the first 50 students are offered a free second training course in Software Tester and UX/UI Designer technologies. Sequence of registration counts.

  3. If you feel that you would prefer to try your hand at another area, take advantage of the free training.

    As soon as you apply for a second training course, you will receive information from us about the courses starting soon in your chosen technology. You have 90 days from your application to start your next course.

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Find out which technology you can learn


Python is currently one of the most popular and widely used programming languages in the world. What makes Python so popular is that virtually any technology and any industry can be developed with it. It is used by many large companies such as Google, Facebook and Netflix.


Java is one of those languages that is worth learning the length and breadth of, not only to get a well-paid, stable job. It is also important to know that the language is constantly being improved, allows you to create almost anything on the Internet and offers great opportunities for development. Java is a good choice for people who want to enter the IT industry quickly.

Only now when you buy one course, you get the second one free!

Click and find out the terms and conditions of the black week promotion at SDA!

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When you buy a programming course, you get a second one free

Software tester

A tester is a person who checks software, catches bugs, and analyses the requirements for a particular application or programme. Two types of testers can be distinguished: the manual tester, who manually checks a product and assesses whether all functions work correctly and efficiently, and the automated tester, who has to prepare scripts.

There are great opportunities in this profession, both in terms of professional development and career path, as well as in terms of high salaries and comprehensive knowledge.

Success stories of our graduates

” I was looking to change my career and I stumbled upon SDA courses. I started with zero knowledge in IT and with the help, guidance, and encouragement of SDA trainers, I ended the course with the ISTQB certification and started on my first job as a software tester.”

Marijaana Siimson Software Tester

I saw the SDA informative meeting pop-up and it was earlier than the planned one so I decided to go. I loved the meeting, it was really fun and convincing and I signed the contract right away. Best decision ever!

Sindija Roga Junior Software Developer at Arvato

The biggest advantage I have gotten from the class is that I have a much better understanding of software development and its related details in most of the larger parts.

Gabor Gyarmati Technical Support Engineer at Breakwater Technology

SDA trainers are very well trained and will be there to help you throughout the course but this job involves a constant learning process, and you need to learn how to learn.

Adina Dumitrescu Software Developer at Kalypso

If I were to choose what is the highest value I have acquired due to the academy, I would not be able to choose between human value and technical value, because in the IT world these two go hand in hand, and in both, SDA has managed to outdo himself.

Levente Szilveszter Software Developer at Uniqa Raiffeisen Software Service

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