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SDA / Graduates


Adina Dumitrescu

Software Developer

I got interested in programming courses when I returned from a vacation in Canada, where everyone asked me what my job was and whether I was happy. The answer was no.  So, I started looking for courses and found the SDA. The course syllabus is very comprehensive, not just about Java. It’s an excellent place to start learning. The course helped me to build a knowledge base that I would build further according to the job or project requirements that I’m working on. Those who are thinking of starting programming should have the time to invest in the learning process. All SDA trainers are very well trained and will be there to help you throughout the course. But this job involves a constant learning process, so you also need to learn how to expand your knowledge. I’m very excited about the direction I’ve taken after completing the course. I’ve recommended it to friends who are thinking of changing their careers. The first step is to decide that you want something better for yourself and that you deserve it. It’s never too late to make changes that will lead to a happier life.

Ada Palacean (Mican)

Software Developer

I learned some programming basics in high school, but at that time, I considered it too difficult for me. After 12 years, I saw how fast the tech industry was growing and decided to give it a second shot and become part of this amazing world of the future. I decided to start the SDA course out of curiosity. The Java course seemed to be the most complete and detailed course on the market at that time, so I decided to give it a chance. My previous career was in Manufacturing Engineering, and we started implementing new technologies (Industry 4.0 direction). I saw how many benefits software automation and production assistance could bring to the manufacturing process and other industries. I was fascinated with it and wanted to understand it all better. The instructors and colleagues play an essential role in this transition. It’s about advice, support, and sharing one’s professional experience. I work more on the operational side, but the mindset, databases, and configuring jobs helped me greatly.

Pavel Pšečuk

DevOps Engineer

I entered the IT market in 2009 by accident when playing games – a random head admin invited me to join their management team and a few months later, I inherited all his responsibilities. Two years later, it became one of the largest gaming projects in Lithuania. I gained a lot of technical and non-technical knowledge. It was my first solid IT experience. Unfortunately, I had to close it in 2015 due to the lack of free time. Before taking the SDA course, I worked as Service Desk Specialist (1st level) for four years and tried to get promoted to management positions (like Team Lead or Manager). Still, unfortunately, I was rejected all four times I applied. I then decided to leave this company and move to another direction – a more technical one. And SDA appeared at the right moment of my life, right in my Facebook feed. I had no doubt – this is a chance to change my life. And today I’m absolutely sure it was the right choice. Together with the course, I started my career in the IT center of one of the largest logistics companies in the world as 2nd level Support Specialist. Currently, I’m a Technical Support Engineer (3rd level) in a very promising startup where development teams use pretty much the same technologies as I learned in SDA, so I’m planning to switch to a Junior Java developer position very soon. My salary also grew almost twice compared to my previous positions. Gaining knowledge at SDA is bound to help you in your future career – they teach the most recent and sought technologies at this moment. I would definitely suggest trying this SDA course if you are planning to enter the programming world. You should understand that you need to work and learn hard, you won’t have much free time, you will be stressed, and you might struggle to find your first job in software development. But you will never regret that you finished it, and your dreams about working from a magical island, drinking a cocktail, and enjoying the sunset will come true soon.

Gabor Gyarmati

DevOps Engineer

After a number of unsuccessful online Java/JavaScript courses, I saw a Facebook advertisement for the SDA course and thought that this is what I wanted to do. I wanted real teachers in a real classroom, with the option of asking questions straight away. The introduction meeting that described the program was impressive for me as well. The biggest advantage I got from attending the SDA course was that I understood software development and how its details relate to the larger parts. It’s not only about coding in Java; I received a package of different tools and processes used by development teams like Scrum, Bitbucket, server background, frontend development, etc. I recently got a better job, which I guess was also the result of taking the class and gaining new knowledge. At my current position, I don’t deal with Java code just yet, but there’s an opportunity to change my position internally to a software developer, which is my personal goal. Overall, I use ~60-70% of the knowledge I have learned at SDA, which is quite a lot, I guess.

Sindija Lūsīte

Software Developer

My story is pretty funny, actually. I’ve always liked techy things and enjoyed informatics classes in high school, but I never considered myself a potential programmer. I guess that was because a stereotype of a nerdy guy surrounded the job. Fast forward a couple of years and I watched a great TV show Mr. Robot, and the timing couldn’t be better. I had just recently quit my previous career and was trying to figure out what to do next. So I decided that I wanted to become a hacker. But coming down to earth, with a little encouragement from my family, I decided to start learning to program and to try developing a career in the IT industry. I saw the SDA informative meeting pop-up and decided to go. I loved the meeting. It was really fun and convincing, so I signed the contract right away. Best decision ever! The course introduced me to the programming world. It had a lot of useful practice and theory, sometimes too much! But later on, when I started working, the topics slowly came together and started making a lot more sense. I actually learned and grasped more of the course than I first thought after finishing it. It was a rough road of seven months, but so worth it, it helped me change my career! I appreciated the instructors being current field professionals; they brought in a lot of insights from their real-world experience. I started as a German-speaking customer support specialist during the course, which included specific technical things and software – it was a great kick-off for my new career in the IT industry. Currently, I’m a junior Java software developer, and I work with the APIs, some JUnit and integration testing, and learn how to read and understand more complicated code, develop simple endpoints, and learn lots of new things. The course helped me get the job and to understand that I really wanted to become a programmer. It covered a lot of topics about the Java language and the tools and processes used in an IT job and to get into the right mindset. I started from the beginning, so I’m still learning a lot of things from my colleagues and the course materials. And of course, we can still get in touch with our great instructors and ask for advice or any help needed.

Best student projects

„New You“

The goal of this project was to develop an online fitness application that would engage coaches and motivate people around to lead a healthy lifestyle. The web application includes features such as nutrition plans, workout tips, a video library of tutorials, and a cozy chat to keep in touch. Moreover, the app allows users to participate in challenges to achieve optimal weight and build strength. It provides users with a mandatory daily training and nutrition plan, together with all the necessary tips and tricks.


Taxipy is a transportation app that connects taxi drivers with potential clients. Passengers can order a taxi from their current location to a specific destination within 30 km, manage their order, pay for it, and rate the driver. The passenger profile includes order history and the possibility to report an item lost in the car. Drivers can check all the open orders, accept and complete them, and modify their profiles – for example, adding a profile picture that will be displayed to customers.

NCO Bus Service

Night of the Companies (NCO) is an event where different companies organize open days at their HQs to showcase their activities and welcome visitors who would like to apply for a job there. People can visit independently or use special buses that circle these companies. This app helps users to monitor these bus lines and make the most of their experience. Users can see and highlight different company locations on a map to simulate the movement of the bus on a chessboard-style map and quickly learn about their timetables.

Beauty salon

Beauty salon is a web app that allows users to explore services, create an account, and easily book appointments. The website includes an inspiring gallery of different hairstyles and a detailed map to help customers reach the beauty salon. In addition, the administrator can easily add new services, change prices, and add employees.

What our graduates say

Software Tester

Marijaana Siimson

” I was looking to change my career and I stumbled upon SDA courses. I started with zero knowledge in IT and with the help, guidance, and encouragement of SDA trainers, I ended the course with the ISTQB certification and started on my first job as a software tester.”

Data Analyst at the The Smart Cube

Bianca Todoran

I can say that the instructors offered us a lot of support. Every time they knew about a job opening for juniors, they let us know about it.

Software Developer at Kalypso

Adina Dumitrescu

The course syllabus is very comprehensive, not just about Java. It’s a good place to start learning. The course helped me to build a knowledge base that I would build on further in line with the job or project requirements I’m working on.

Software Developer, Uniqa Raiffeisen Software Service

Levente Szilveszter

If I had to choose the biggest value I got from the course, it’s that it showed me how the human value and technical value go hand in hand in the IT industry. And SDA has managed to outdo themselves in both.

Technical Support Engineer at Breakwater Technology

Pavel Pšečuk

To summarize it all, I would definitely suggest that you try this SDA course if you’re planning to enter the programming world.

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