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How did we conquer Helsinki?

We have been on the market for several years and during this time we have built a community that includes Albania, Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia. We have established our foothold in Estonia for almost 5 years, and the next logical step was the conquest of Finland. Purpose Said, and done! At the Software […]

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What is UX/UI design?

In this article, we will talk about user interface and user experience design, what it entails, and see who the people who design UI and UX are. Who is a UX/UI Designer? UI and UX are usually talked about as if they are the same thing, but these concepts are very different. UI (user interface) […]

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Why is it worth starting your IT studies in the summer?

Holidays are a great time to develop your skills! And learning IT can bring you many benefits. Get ahead of everyone on the labor market and make the most of this period to start looking for a job on a new career path in the fall. We have prepared some useful tips on how to […]

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