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Software Tester

Do you want to make a difference and impact the quality of software? Become a software tester and advance your career in an exciting QA team. Register for a free webinar to see what our courses are like and how we teach.

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On the webinar you will learn:

Why change your career.

We know that change is often accompanied by fear and anxiety. But standing still is worse. We’ll give you tips on how to be ready for change, how to cope with it so that this journey becomes the start of your next adventure.

How to make the first step and get into IT.

We’ll talk about how to use your existing strengths to feel like a fish in water when we speak about IT. We’ll give you examples of our students who decided to make a change in their lives, even though they also had a lot of doubts in the beginning. 11 000 people have already put their trust in us.

How to change profession and get the results you want.

We’ll show you how to take a new direction in your career, to be in a different place than you are today, in just a few months. Plus, we’ll show you tools to learn about your strengths and how to put them to work in your new job search. Also You will get answers to all your questions about the course, our teaching style and our graduates.

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