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Want to dive into the world of AI?

Join a course that will teach you everything from the scratch and discover the magic of machine learning.

The course takes place on weekends and 100% using remote work tools.

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4 reasons to choose AI Engineering:

  1. The front line of technological progress

    AI engineering is at the forefront of current technological progress. By working in this field, you are involved in the development and implementation of machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms that have the potential to transform many aspects of our lives and work. From healthcare to education, from the automotive industry to financial services, AI is changing the way we work and interact with technology.

  2. Solving complex problems

     AI engineering gives you the opportunity to solve some of the most complex and interesting problems today. With the capabilities of artificial intelligence, you can help fight climate change, improve diagnostics and treatment in medicine, increase production efficiency and solve many other global challenges. Working in AI engineering requires creative thinking and innovative approaches to problems, which can be very rewarding.

  3. High demand and attractive rewards

    As the impact of AI on various industries grows, so does the demand for skilled AI engineers. This growing demand means that AI engineering positions are well-paid and offer excellent long-term career prospects. AI experts are valued for their ability to design, implement and manage AI systems, opening doors to opportunities around the world.

  4. Continuous learning and professional growth

    The field of artificial intelligence is dynamic and constantly evolving, which means that as an AI engineer you will be constantly challenged to learn new skills and technologies. This constant learning not only keeps your job interesting, but also ensures that you stay on the cutting edge of technological developments. A career in AI offers a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth as you seek to understand and utilize the latest advances in artificial intelligence.

What our graduates say

“I can say that the instructors offered us a lot of support. Every time they knew about a job opening for juniors, they let us know about it.”

Bianca Todoran Data Analyst, The Smart Cube

” I was looking to change my career and I stumbled upon SDA courses. I started with zero knowledge in IT and with the help, guidance, and encouragement of SDA trainers, I ended the course with the ISTQB certification and started on my first job as a software tester.”

Marijaana Siimson Software Tester

“The course syllabus is very comprehensive, not just about Java. It’s a good place to start learning. The course helped me to build a knowledge base that I would build on further in line with the job or project requirements I’m working on.”

Adina Dumitrescu Software Developer, Kalypso

“If I had to choose the biggest value I got from the course, it’s that it showed me how the human value and technical value go hand in hand in the IT industry. And SDA has managed to outdo themselves in both.”

Levente Szilveszter Software Developer, Uniqa Raiffeisen Software Service

“To summarize it all, I would definitely suggest that you try this SDA course if you’re planning to enter the programming world.”

Pavel Pšečuk Breakwater Technology tehnilise toe insener

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Look at the individual modules of the course

The course includes a combination of self-study and interactive sessions with lecturers, with approximately 36 hours of tutor guidance provided in each module. Students can expect a carefully structured program that emphasizes an individual approach and support from experts in the field.


You’ll learn the basics of Python programming, including working with variables to store and access data, using basic data types, and much more.

Data processing,
AI and machine learning models

You will learn to work with multidimensional arrays, basic operations with vectors and solutions of linear systems of equations. You will get to know different types of AI/ML models, validation schemes, regression and classification.

Deep learning with Keras, TF and PT

You will get to know the Sequential API in Keras, you will learn how to use transfer learning and how to fine-tune pre-trained models. You will dive into the TensorFlow library, where you will focus on stochastic gradient descent and training & validation loops.

Ai and machine learning pipeline

You will learn to follow models and automatically record experiments using libraries such as sklearn, TensorFlow and PyTorch. Review the principles of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.

What is included in the course price?

  1. Course

    The course takes place online via the Zoom platform under the supervision of a trainer. You will get all the necessary knowledge for a successful career as an AI engineer.

  2. Access to the student zone

    You get access to the Student Zone – the place where you can find all the organizational information about your training: course information, access to the virtual classroom, timetable, information about the SDA library and much more.

  3. Studying materials

    You get access to training materials. These include: Workbook, knowledge base, video training, access to SDA library.

  4. Final Tests

    Tests will give you the opportunity to monitor your progress. Thanks to the final tests, you will find out how you did in the previous module.

  5. Output project

    As part of the course, you will implement practical projects, which you can then save in your professional portfolio.

  6. Certificate of completion of the course

    After completing the course, you will receive an attestation that confirms participation in classes [minimum 60% attendance]. It also contains information about the Software Development Academy as an organizer.

  7. SDA certificate

    The SDA certificate confirms your participation in the course and the acquisition of competences for the work of an AI engineer. Our certificate is widely recognized among companies from the IT sector in Europe..

  8. Package Career in IT

    You will periodically receive from us a set of tips related to the labor market and activities that are worth doing to make the work process successful.

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Payment options

Tuition fees must be paid by the start date. If payment is by instalments, payment will be made according to the agreed schedule. Unemployment Insurance Fund (Töötukassa) will pay for Unemployment Training Card holders. Tuition fee refunds and arrangements for withdrawal are agreed in the training contract.

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NEW PRICE 1899 €. The discount lasts until 19.07.2024.