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Free webinar – AI Engineering

Put yourself at the forefront of technological development!

Participate in the development of AI that can have a major impact on society, industry and science.

The AI ​​Engineer course provides a comprehensive overview of AI and machine learning, Python programming, data processing, neural networks and deep learning.

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    What will you learn in the webinar?

    1. What does the IT job market look like?

      During the meeting, you will learn what the IT job market looks like in the Czech Republic and in the world. You will learn about the advantages of entering the IT industry.

    2. You know the chosen technology

      You will learn what machine learning is and how to become an expert in artificial intelligence.

    3. You will learn about the course programme

      You will find out what you will learn in the course and how you can start your new career in this field.

    Why choose AI Engineering?

    The leading edge of technological progress

    Working in the field of AI and machine learning puts you at the forefront of technological development. You have the opportunity to work on solutions that can have a major impact on society, industry and science. From the development of intelligent assistants to advanced image recognition systems to the revolutionary ways AI can change the way we work and live.

    High demand

    With the rapid development of AI and machine learning, the demand for experts in these fields is increasing. Companies are looking for talent that can help develop and implement innovative AI solutions. This high demand is also reflected in the very competitive salaries and benefits for AI engineers, making this a very lucrative career choice.

    A wide range of applications

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning are finding applications in many industries, including healthcare, finance, automotive, entertainment, and many others. This means that as an AI Engineer you can work on projects that really interest you and that have a meaningful impact on the world.

    Continuous personal and professional growth

    The field of AI is constantly evolving, which means you will have to constantly learn and adapt to new technologies, methods and tools. This brings challenges, but also allows for continuous personal and professional growth. A career in AI is ideal for those looking for a dynamic work environment where they can constantly develop and be at the cutting edge of innovation.

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    Do you know that…

    …early AI systems were used to perform tasks such as chess and mathematical problem solving.

    …artificial intelligence is used to develop self-driving cars.

    …artificial intelligence can be used to diagnose diseases.

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