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Free webinar

What’s the easiest way to get into IT?
Is it even possible?

Attend a free webinar where an experienced practitioner will tell you how and if it is possible to get into IT with relatively little effort!

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    8th of MAy


    60 minutes

    18:30 – 19:30


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    During this webinar you will get to know:

    1. What are the career paths in the IT industry?

    2. How to choose the right one that suits your skills, character and lifestyle?

    3. How to effectively use your previous business experience?

    4. How to discover the skills you already have?

    5. What skills will be useful in a specific IT position?

    6. What career path to choose if you are inexperienced?

    Our expert will answer all of the above questions!

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    Kārlis Zars

    Kārlis has been working in the IT sector for about 10 years. He started in testing and has worked his way up to software engineering. He is currently studying for a PhD in Computer Science. He is a true IT guru for whom no subject in the world of technology is boring. He’ll answer all the questions that interest you! He also talks about real working life in IT, what it’s really like and whether a career change pays off!

    This webinar is for you if:

    You are tired of your current job?

    Are you getting up to work with aversion? Do you answer the question “How is it at work?” with a series of complaints? If that’s the case, why haven’t you changed job yet?

    You feel burnout?

    Are you getting more and more tired? You feel that you go to work as a punishment and you look with envy at your friends telling about their successes. If that’s the case, why haven’t you changed job yet?

    You are still not earning enough?

    Wages are rising, but not for you? Do you feel injustice because you earn less than your friends, even though you work hard? If that’s the case, why haven’t you changed job yet?

    You are thinking of a career in IT but assume you’re not good for it?

    Are you considering working in IT but are you afraid that it is not for you? Remember that lack of working experience does not end your career!

    Jump with us to the next level of your career!

    Don’t be afraid of making this change. This pays off!

    They changed their professional lives with us

    Technical Support Engineer, Breakwater Technologyr

    Gabor Gyarmati

    „The biggest advantage I have gotten from the class is that I have a much better understanding of software development and its related details in most of the larger parts.“

    Junior Software Developer, Arvato

    Sindija Roga

    „I saw the SDA informative meeting pop-up and it was earlier than the planned one so I decided to go. I loved the meeting, it was really fun and convincing and I signed the contract right away. Best decision ever! “

    Software Developer, Uniqa Raiffeisen Software Service

    Levente Szilveszter

    “If I were to choose what is the highest value I have acquired due to the academy, I would not be able to choose between human value and technical value, because in the IT world these two go hand in hand, and in both, SDA has managed to outdo himself.”

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    During the 7 years of SDA experience, we have conducted many IT trainings. Our courses have been attended by over 11,000 students who successfully realised their dreams of a career in the IT industry.

    In order to fulfil our mission, we have created an effective teaching system in which experts share their knowledge and experience gained over the years of working in the IT industry. After completing the course our HR advisors provide guidance on finding a job.

    Discover the world of IT!