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SDA / How did we conquer Helsinki?

How did we conquer Helsinki?

We have been on the market for several years and during this time we have built a community that includes Albania, Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia. We have established our foothold in Estonia for almost 5 years, and the next logical step was the conquest of Finland.


Said, and done! At the Software Development Academy, we have successfully helped thousands find their dream job in the IT sector for years. After all, the company started with a passion for teaching and the IT industry, and the graduates of our academy are the best proof that anyone can become anything at any time in their life. And we have over 15,000 graduates!

Hooray! We intend to increase these numbers even further in the future! Hence our goal is to introduce our activity to Finns to allow them to change their career and life if necessary!

Conquest of Helsinki

Our delegations were Urmas, head of the Estonian branch; Kristina, the sales representative;  Anni, who is responsible for marketing; and Robert, the IT guru. The meeting took place in the seminar room of the Klaus K Hotel, where nearly 20 people came with a common desire to create a change in their lives, to make it better. Robert talked about the Java programming language in general, its capabilities, salary, employment, and training opportunities offered by us at SDA. It was good to see people’s great interest in constantly running questions about career opportunities! As Robert said, the IT world is big and wide – you want to code, you can code, you are afraid of math, and you can also find a job in IT without knowing math! Both we and our participants were satisfied with the event, because we left the room with a smile on our faces, with confidence in the future. Our mission was accomplished!


Very exciting months are ahead of us. At the moment, in Finland, we continue with free live webinars that take place in English. The choice is wide, get acquainted here, register, and who knows, maybe you are the next IT potential who lives life on his/her terms! In the meantime, we’ll keep our fingers crossed that the conquest of the world will continue!