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You might have heard that the market for the services of programmers and IT specialists is shrinking. But look at the numbers and see for yourself how many IT specialists are needed in the upcoming decade:


20 000 000 IT specialists will be needed in the European Union by 2030.

75% of companies in the European Union will use advanced Cloud/AI/Big Data technologies.

161 000 000 000 EUR will be spent on digitization and innovation in the EU market by 2027.

Write your first line of code

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Here’s what you can achieve with digital skills:

You can work from anywhere

As a developer, your work will be flexible and you can work from anywhere in the world. Multinationals, start-ups, medium and small businesses, IT, service providers, manufacturing and retail companies are waiting for you. And there will be plenty of hybrid and online positions to take on.

You can have a positive impact on the world

Not only will programming change your life and provide a future for you, but with this knowledge, you can also have a positive impact on society. You can create things that many people will use, and you can be part of projects set up to make a real difference.

Quickly double your starting salary with a well-paying job

In tech, you can expect excellent salaries, flexible working, continuous development opportunities, and exciting projects. You can double your starting salary super fast, even within two years.

More than 75 skilled coordinators monitor the quality of our courses because your feedback and satisfaction are important to us.

We always measure student satisfaction during and after the course. We have an entire department dedicated to career support and advisory for our students to make sure they’re able to use their newly-acquired knowledge in practice.

Who we are

We’ve been on the market for many years and built a global community spanning from Europe to Asia.
We know what it’s like to start a new career in a completely different field.
But the tech industry is on the lookout for talents and offers plenty of opportunities. Trust us, we know how it works.


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It’s all about the people

We’re a group of passionate people with years of experience in commercial IT projects. Our instructors aren’t only theoreticians – their courses are driven by practitioners in the industry. We have a passion for sharing knowledge and helping in the development of our students. We believe that IT is for everyone – just dare and make it happen.

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