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SDA / SDA Library

SDA Library


We are sharing with you an access to SDA Library, a platform dedicated to our students and graduates. Thanks to it, you can expand your knowledge to become a better IT specialist. The platform offers various books from Helion publishing house, mainly for programmers and testers, but not only.

SDA Library allows you to:
• Borrow available ebooks for 7-days,
• Read them using an internet browser, 
• Recommend books for adding to the library, 
• Deepen your knowledge in every moment of your career! The access to SDA Library is free!

What’s next?
Check the introduction on how to create an account on SDA Library HERE.

And that’s all! Now you can start borrowing ebooks!

Are you interested in any specific ebook? Would you like it to appear in the SDA Library? Just write the ebook title in the Library’s browser and click “Order in Library”.

Each month we will be adding new positions to the SDA Library – you will be receiving email about it so you won’t miss the information!

Do you have questions about the SDA Library? Send an email to [email protected] 

We hope you will enjoy using the SDA Library!

SDA Team

PS. Please remember that using the NASBI library is tantamount to accepting the regulations, which can be found after logging in in the menu on the right.🙂