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Free webinar – Front-End

Want to create exciting effects on web pages? Learn to become a front-end web developer!

Put web design to work – be it text fields, buttons, menu bar!

Meet us online and learn more. Take part in the free webinar!

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This event has already ended.

Is front-end web development for me?

Is front-end learning still the right choice? Is this something worth pursuing? Let’s look at the facts:

If you want to make a career, then learning front-end web development is a good choice. In front-end web development, you will learn JavaScript, which is one of the world’s most popular programming languages ​​used by the world’s largest companies – Facebook, Google, IBM. Thus, the career path is open to many job opportunities.

A front-end web developer uses JavaScript in his work, which is one of the easiest programming languages ​​that can be learned without any problems.

Do you need quick and visible results in your work so that motivation does not disappear? By programming in JavaScript, it is possible to see the results of your work immediately.

Working as a front-end developer, you are in demand in the labor market, and when you are just starting your career, you can earn a salary of 1,600 euros per month.

This event has already ended.

Did you know that…

…the average monthly salary for a front-end developer is 2,500 euros per month.

…if you want to make a career, learning front-end web development is a good choice.

…one of the basic skills of a front-end developer is the JavaScript language, it is used daily by Facebook, Google, Hitachi, IBM, Microsoft.

There is no better or right time, you have to act now!

Get a job in IT, live comfortably and you’ll never have to worry about your income again.

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In the webinar you will learn:

Why you should change your career.

We know that change often comes with fear and anxiety. But standing still is even worse. We give tips on how to be ready for changes, and how to deal with them so that this journey becomes the beginning of your next adventure.

How to take the first step and enter IT.

Let’s talk about how to use your existing strengths to feel like a fish in water in IT. We give examples of our students who decided to make a change in their lives, even though they had many doubts at the beginning. 11,000 people have already trusted us.

How to change profession and reach the desired result.

We’ll show you how to take a new direction in your career, to be in a different place than you are today, in just a few months. Plus, we’ll show you tools to learn about your strengths and how to put them to work in your new job search.

Your first of three steps to the change you want:

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