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Free webinar – Data Science

Bet on data!

Choose the sexiest profession of the 21st century and dictate the terms!

Take part in a free webinar and see if Data Science is for you!

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    What will you learn in the webinar?

    1. What does the IT job market look like?

      During the meeting you will learn what the IT job market looks like in Poland and around the world. You will learn about the benefits of entering the IT industry.

    2. Get to know the technology of your choice

      Find out what Data Science is and how to become a Junior Data Scientist.

    3. You will learn about the course programme

      You will learn what you will learn on the course, learn about the Junior Data Scientist work tool. We will introduce you to the available course packages and funding options. You choose the option that suits you best.

    Is Data Science for you?

    Do you like analysing data?

    The job of a Data Scientist mainly involves analysing data. This person turns data into concrete information. By doing so, he or she is able to predict, but also recommend the implementation of appropriate actions and procedures.

    Do you like talking to people?

    Do you? That’s great! In this job, communication skills are very important. If you know how to manoeuvre arguments and always find a way to show your vision – you will do perfectly well!

    Do you like solving puzzles?

    If so, great! A Data Scientist solves a lot of puzzles in his work. He or she is often looking for the right, optimal solutions for his or her business. Data is key information, and it is the Data Scientist who interprets it.

    Do you tend to ask seemingly stupid questions?

    All indications are that Data Science is the direction in which you will eventually feel like a fish in water! In this job, questions are a prerequisite. Seek out people different from you and talk about ideas. Let your mind wander. There is method in the madness.

    Don’t wait any longer!

    Learn the recipe for an exciting job today.

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    Do you know that…

    …the average salary for Data Scientist in Estonia is 2 200€ per month.

    …IBM forecasts that the demand for data scientists will increase by 28% in the coming years.

    …88% of data science specialists are satisfied with their profession.

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