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Free webinar – Software Tester

Become a Superhero!

Test it! Test! Protect your team from erroneous code!

Tired of being monotonous and unappreciated at work? It’s time to unleash your superpowers and become a Tester.

Come to a free webinar and find out what the job of a Tester is all about.

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    What will you learn in the webinar?

    1. What does the IT job market look like?

      During the meeting you will learn what the IT job market looks like in Poland and around the world. You will learn about the benefits of entering the IT industry.

    2. Get to know the technology of your choice

      You will learn what a Tester is and how to become a Junior Software Tester.

    3. You will learn about the course programme

      You will learn what you will learn on the course, learn about the Software Tester’s working tool. We will introduce you to the available course packages and funding options. You choose the option that suits you best.

    Why choose Software Tester?

    Challenges every day

    A software tester faces new challenges every day. Every day he or she solves the puzzles that new software hides.

    Catching bugs

    A tester’s job is to catch bugs in software. Thanks to you, the company won’t get dinged for faulty software and will avoid unhappy customers and a bad reputation. You are the superhero who saves the company.

    Creative work

    Creativity is a must have in the job of Software Tester. Go outside the box, think outside the box, test and earn from the mistakes of others.

    Easy entry into the IT world

    Many people think that the Software Tester path is an easy entry into the IT world. You don’t need years of experience, knowledge of many different technologies.

    Do you know that…

    …as a beginner Software Tester you can earn already up to 1600 eur.

    …no coding is required for manual software testing.

    …working as a Tester means constant solving of puzzles, requiring detective skills.

    Your change in three steps

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    Test your skills

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    Don’t wait any longer!

    Learn the recipe for an exciting job today.

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