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Tasuta veebinar – UX/UI

Pave the way for users – Research! Design! Improve!

Design websites and applications that are impossible to pass by!

Come to a free webinar and find out what the job of UX/UI Designer is all about

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    What will you learn at the webinar?

    1. What does the IT job market look like?

      During the webinar you will learn what the IT job market looks like in Romania and around the world. You will learn about the benefits of entering the IT industry.

    2. Get to know the technology of your choice

      Learn what UX/UI is and how to become a Junior UX/UI Designer.

    3. Learn about the course programme

      You will find out what you will learn on the course, learn about the UX/UI Designer’s working tool. We will introduce you to the available course packages and funding options. You choose the option that suits you best.

    Why choose UX/UI?

    User experience is no accident. It is the UX/UI Designer who takes care of the best ones. He or she is the one who follows the user’s paths and plans them so as to realistically influence, at the very least, his or her purchasing decisions!

    Designing usable websites and apps

    Are you annoyed by websites and apps where you can’t find anything? You can change that. That’s the job of a UX/UI Desinger. It’s designing usable, user-friendly websites and apps.


    The job of a UX/UI Designer is a creative one. Especially the UI Designer is responsible for designing nice and functional interfaces. It is up to him or her to decide how colourful a product will look.

    Working with people

    The UX/UI Designer is very much about working with people. First of all, you need to find out how the user navigates the site, what their pain points are. Conversation first and foremost. The UX researcher learns a great deal from talking to the user and only then proceeds to design.

    What do I actually design?

    Literally everything! Smartphone apps, websites, programme interfaces, smartwatch screens, smart tv apps, car apps! UX/UI is everywhere there is an app and there is a user. It’s a very broad industry that is constantly evolving.

    What are you waiting for?

    Take care of your future today.

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    Did you know that …

    In Estonia, an entry-level UX/UI designer earns about 1400 eur net.

    Labour market demand for UX/UI specialists is high

    Opportunities for continuous development and learning, as the field is evolving very rapidly.

    Do not delay any longer!

    Find out the recipe for exciting work today.

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